Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Claw

Have you ever played video games for so long, you get "the claw"? Your fingers curl in, perhaps your thumbs begin to blister. I've given myself "knitting claw." Next time I think it's a fantastic idea to knit some of my CRYPT-mas presents, I'm going to start in June.

Seriously, I've been working myself to the BONE. I've been in a caffeine-and-Star-Trek-TNG-fueled knitting whirlwind for a couple weeks. I am DEAD tired and ready to TERROR my hair out. I wish I could bribe Santy CLAWS and the BRAIN-deer that pull his SLAY to do my work for me, if only they were real. In fact, I--

Alright, alright, I'll stop, don't hurt me. I do love a good Crypt Keeper pun though, so here's some fun to be had before the weekend:

Crypt Keeper Pun Time
Crypt Keeper Tumblr
Crypt Keeper via Comic Vine

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