Friday, December 21, 2012

Like It's 1999

Happy Mayan Apocalypse Friday!

As I discussed when reviewing THE DIVIDE, I have a profound fascination with apocalypses thanks to all the nightmares I've had over my life. But worry not, your Librarian of the Dead is not one who believes the Mayan-zombie-comet-flaming-Planet X apocalypse is really happening. I am wary of tomorrow, but more because I'm afraid of what other people with fewer critical thinking skills might do. It's something horror has taught me: Be more afraid of other people than the monsters.

One online comment I read suggested there will probably be a lot of kids born in September 2013 thanks to increased Apocalypse sex. My sister and I are both September kids. I didn't need to be reminded that we were Christmas conceptions, thanks.

But welcome, future fellow Virgo's of the Mayan Apocalypse Baby Boom. Life will be a little tougher for you than some of the other signs. You will likely be highly practical, introverted, a bit awkward socially, resistant to authority yet uninterested in leading, even if you are sometimes good at it. I have no advice, I haven't the faintest idea how to work this stuff out to your advantage yet. Good luck.

On that note, here's some Mayan Apocalypse info and just-for-funsies if you need something to do while everyone else is panicking tomorrow. Dear panicking people: Do what you want, but leave the rest of us out of it. Thanks.

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