Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Much of the movie news I try (and sometimes fail) to keep up with is tossed in a mental junk drawer, rattling around until I come across it again and think "Oh! I remember hearing about that. I think I'll see it." This plan has more holes in it than a moth-eaten piece of lace, but keeping a huge list of movies I came across and wanted to see someday wasn't working out either.

I only take special notice of films that I think I may not get reminded of again, and/or I absolutely don't want to miss. So I read an advance review of the film RESOLUTION recently and had a strong feeling that both of those might be true.

Am I just a sucker for people being terrorized in cabins? ...Okay, maybe. But my SOLD! sign really lit up at this point:

"While this can be easily dismissed as a story of consensual descents into madness, that’s not really what’s going on.This film gets insane with time twisting, choose your own adventure style antics going on from some unseen force."

A horror film that messes with time? Done. Of course the rest of the glowing review helped sway me just as much as anything else, but when the premise pushes all of my favorite buttons I will make a special effort to make sure I see the movie. If RESOLUTION sounds as good to you, we don't have to wait too long to see it as Tribeca is releasing it at the end of January on VOD and in limited theaters (via Fangoria). Can't wait!

Advance review of RESOLUTION via AICN Horror
RESOLUTION on Facebook

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