Friday, December 28, 2012

Horror Comic Awards

I just discovered this, so forgive the last-minute nature of it all but is taking votes for their Horror Comics Awards over the next couple days. Even if you're not that up to date on your horror comics (like *ahem* you'll still see some familiar titles like THE WALKING DEAD, LOCKE & KEY and 30 DAYS OF NIGHT. You do need to register for an account in order to vote, a minor hassle but not a huge deal.

One of my favorite newer series is AMERICAN VAMPIRE, which I'm happy to say made it into some of the categories. But I was disappointed that HACK/SLASH wasn't included at all-- perhaps it's just not "award-worthy," but I thought maybe they'd make it into Best Kill or something.

If you're looking for a new comic to read, a new series to try, this would be a great place to start. I personally am psyched to check out ROAD RAGE, in which author/graphic novelist Joe Hill collaborates with his father, Stephen King, on a story that pays tribute to a tale by Richard Matheson. Where's my horror joy button?? If you're not familiar with Matheson, first of all you must live in an even more isolated cave than I do. He's responsible for such titles as I AM LEGEND, A STIR OF ECHOES, HELL HOUSE, never mind all the episodes he wrote for THE TWILIGHT ZONE. And that's just a small sample of his work over the past 60 years.

But speaking of Joe Hill, I also need to get in gear and read LOCKE & KEY. Luckily we have it on the shelf at the library. Not like I have 5 other books and a bunch of movies waiting for my attention or anything. *Sigh*, first world Librarian of the Dead problems.

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