Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fun With Keywords

As a blogger (ha ha ha! I'm a blogger.)
...Sorry. Some days it's just... weird to realize that. In an I'm-proud-of-it, it-makes-me-happy sort of way. It's like when I first moved out of my parents' house into my own apartment, some nights I'd lie there on the couch looking around thinking: "This is mine." I feel that way about this blog, too.

Anyways, where was I??

As a blogger, I like seeing what keywords bring people to my site. Once in a while they make me laugh, other times I have no clue. So just for fun, let's have a look. I'm pulling these from various time periods, since I've never done it before and I've missed out on some good ones-- maybe this can be a monthly thing from here on out, though.

Top keyword of all time:
krampus decorations

First of all: HAIL KRAMPUS! I remember posting this guy a while back, but not specifically mentioning Krampus so I'm amazed that Google gave me up as a source of Krampus Decorations (I WISH) to a few folks. Sorry guys! But if you stuck around after, THANKS!

More top keywords of all time:
excision movie 2012

YES! This movie is amazing. A must-see for horror fans. For others... be prepared for the blood and gore. But stay for the brilliant story and characters.

"guy davis"

At first I couldn't remember where this was from. Thank god for search boxes! Rachel Deering mentioned enjoying his comics in the interview I did with her for my Women in Horror Comics series!

Keywords for the month:
boston, ma granary burying ground

HELLO fellow graveyard researchers! You must have found my two gravestone art posts featuring stones from the Granary Burying Ground (Part 1 and/or Part 2)

horror comics

YEAH! HORROR COMICS. That's all I've got, I just wanted to say it.

dark side of fairy tales

Back in January I wrote a quick article about my love of fairy tales because of their darker sides, and some of the fairy tale related film projects happening recently. I wish I had the better idea and talent to write this amazing article by Dave Pace at Fangoria called INTO THE WOODS: Fairytales and Childhood Anxiety.

buffy blog -wikia -ebay -pinterest -fanp...

HI BUFFY FAN! And way to go with the targeted search tactics. I hear ya! Last year (before Librarian of the Dead was born) I tried starting a blog called Watching Buffy. I couldn't keep up with it at the time, so there are a very few episodes there. But I've often thought about bringing it back, but making it a regular series on this blog.

Keywords for the week:
is rec 3 worth it

Okay, here's the thing: In my opinion, (and despite what I may say in the heat of the moment *cough*HAUNTINGREMAKE*cough*) there are very few movies that are "not worth it." But my criteria are different than yours. REC 3... well some people really didn't like it and some people really did. I can't give you an easy answer. I think standing on its own, it kinda works. If you loved the first two, I can't promise you're going to love this one.

lords of salem ebook

SO GLAD you reminded me of this! The book just came out March 12 and I've totally got a hold to get it from a nearby library. If you do the eBook thing, you can get it on Kindle, or from Barnes & Noble.

nancy collins

Yes! Author, comic creator, all around nice person who let me interview her for my Women in Horror Comics series.


  1. Very interesting post. I haven't been doing my own blog for very long (just over a month), but now I'm interested in looking into keywords. And don't worry, I feel the same proud ownership of my blog as well. :)

  2. They're kinda fun to watch! This is over a 5-6 month period I'd say? So I had a decent amount to pick from.