Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Future is Now... -ish!

I haven't posted anything cemetery-related in a while, my mind has been on writing and stories and comics. But in the midst of everything else I came upon this nifty little app thanks to the Death Reference Desk on Twitter:

(from The Future Cemetery Facebook page)

The Future Cemetery looks to connect modern day users with death's cultural past through multimedia technology. It looks like they have a lot of innovative ideas, this app being one of the latest. I don't know how in depth the Map feature is, but it made me wonder if there's a way to search for a particular plot and then guide you to it. Even with whatever numbers you need to find a specific family or person, it can still be tough to find and the cemetery offices are not always open or available to help you.

They have a lot of great things going on, so far my favorite is the Epitaph-O-Matic, and the messages create out of it that can be projected in various places around the cemetery. All in the name of engaging the community and visitors with the purpose of the cemetery! I'm all warm and fuzzy inside. Which is difficult, because this bizarre Chicago winter has delivered some biting icy temperatures tonight.

Warm and fuzzy cemetery thoughts... Warm and fuzzy cemetery thoughts...

The Future Cemetery via Facebook
The Future Cemetery via the REACT Heritage Sandbox
The Death Reference Desk via Twitter

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