Friday, February 22, 2013

Screenplays, Comics and Why Calm Sucks

A sentiment to live by! Don't get me wrong, I take my breaks from the genre. But I've decided too much calm and comfort is no good. Everyone needs some adventure and excitement.

This week has had its own little personal adventures for me. I finished my first screenplay as part of the Stranger With My Face 10 by 10 Challenge -- everyone participating has written a short horror script, less than 10 pages or 10 minutes of screen time. SWMF even gives out a few awards for best overall script, best script by someone new to horror, the script that best represents gender in an original or innovative way, and the best script by a writer from another genre. My goal was simply to learn how to write a script, it's something I had thought about prior to this. As long as that's accomplished, anything else is gravy!

I might also be participating in a panel on graphic novels in libraries at C2E2, an upcoming comic and entertainment convention in Chicago. One of the reasons C2E2 is becoming one of my favorite local conventions is their recognition of the contributions librarians make promoting comics and graphic novels in their collections. Not only does that mean we get a discounted admission ($10 for the whole weekend!) we also get to attend during professional hours on the first day, which includes panels like this one that address issues specific to libraries.

On the note of comics, I came across this incredible online course this week called Gender Through Comics. It's free and you sign up with an email address. I can't wait to take it, I think it'll be fascinating. There are certain course materials you'll need, which you'll have to either purchase or borrow. But for those of us who miss the intellectual stimulation of certain college courses, this is a great opportunity to learn something new, explore the media in more depth and hopefully meet some other people with similar interests!

Finally, the month of February is nearing its end! I've got one more Women in Horror Comics feature for Women in Horror Month coming up on Monday, and I'll post one of those bonus entries with even more information after that. My last feature is on another artist, Rachelle Rosenberg, who's currently doing some amazing work on ALABASTER: WOLVES. I can't believe we're almost done, but it's been a wonderful month of fascinating interviews, making new friendly connections and watching the other awesome Women in Horror activities that have been occurring!


  1. It's meg. :D I am SO pissed I cannot go to C2E2!! I have never been. Heidi asked me about it and I REALLY want to go, but of course it is the same weekend as a big work event weekend. GRRRRRR!

    All of what you're doing sounds so cool, though. I know it'll be great!

    Also, regarding metal, I HOPE you have seen the librarian decal (Heidi has one on her car) in Iron Maiden font. It is GREAT. I get really into metal sometimes! Like my renewed love affair with Guns n' Roses. Yeah, I said it!

  2. Nooo! I'll be there all weekend, so if Heidi's going hopefully I'll see her there!

    I haven't seen that decal you mentioned, I'm sure I can find it online somewhere though.