Thursday, January 31, 2013

Book review: Fatale, Book 1

This first volume of FATALE collects issues #1-5, giving readers an introduction into the world of Josephine and the mysterious hold she has on man after man throughout the decades. Nicolas Lash meets "Jo" in the present day, and discovers that his godfather, recently deceased author Dominic Raines, had a secret manuscript which elaborated his own relationship with the same woman back in the 1950's.

Not much is explained in these first issues. We only know that Josephine doesn't seem to age, and that there's a connection between her and a murderous cult, occult symbols and spells. Fatale looks and sounds like a detective story, but underneath is this dark, magic world of unnatural creatures and sacrificial ritual. It's supernatural horror noir with a Cthulu-flavored twist.

While the story was definitely interesting, I think I was more drawn in by the look. The artwork and coloring are really nice, very complementary to the narrative's style. I'm curious about all the yet-unanswered questions these few issues bring up: Who is Jo, and where did she get these mysterious powers? Why are these other beings and cult members after her? What kind of person is she, if she's a human being at all?

Book 2 just came out earlier this month, so if you can get a hold of both volumes I would recommend it. I don't anticipate that Brubaker and Phillips will let loose all of Jo's secrets just yet, but I'd love to find out more in this next set of issues.

If FATALE gets you in the mood for some more dark detective stories with their dangerous femmes, you might try something else from the list of 4 Criminally Good Noir Comics that Nerdist just put out. I would also highly recommend the game L.A. Noire if you really want to bury yourself in that kind of story.

Fatale via Image Comics
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