Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Things over in the Library of the Dead have been a little hectic, so I may not get anything new written until tonight. Planning things tends to make your Librarian just a little nuts, and I'm having people over this weekend. Add in lots of meetings and things going on at work, preparing for a collaborative graphic novel genre study by re-reading Maus I & II and Watchmen, the general weirdness of life, completing another short story and an attempt to finish up Star Trek: The Next Generation... well, there hasn't been a whole lot of time to reflect on the darker side of life.

I do have a review of The Apparition upcoming, I'd love to write about the Stephen King/Joe Hill graphic novel version of DUEL along with the film adaptation of Matheson's story, I'm strolling through the art book on ossuaries and charnel houses, I've got two more movies waiting for me at home, I've got games on the brain so I really want to talk about horror themed tabletop games... I'm not lacking for ideas, just the time.

So stick with me, kiddies! Your Die-brarian will be back with more content soon!

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