Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy Women in Horror Month!

February 1st is here and that means it's officially WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH!

What does that mean? Well, direct from their website (

Every February, Women in Horror Recognition Month (WiHM) assists underrepresented female genre artists in gaining opportunities, exposure, and education through altruistic events, printed material, articles, interviews, and online support.

The short of it: Let's talk about ladies doing amazing things in the horror genre, because they deserve just as much exposure and fans as the guys do.

So, what am I doing to celebrate WiHM? I'm so glad you asked.

I read a lot of comics, mostly because I love them but also because it's part of my job. It occurred to me one day that I couldn't name many women who create my favorite genre of comic, horror. Being the researchy Librarian of the Dead that I am, I got busy Googling. Several names (and new additions to my ever-growing reading list) later, I knew I had hit on something and applied to be a WiHM Ambassador.

As part of my Women in Horror Comics series, each Monday I'll be featuring one of the lovely ladies that I discovered here on the blog. Writers and artists alike, women who have worked on classic comic series or started their own from the ground up, cover artists and colorists. I'll talk about the work they've done, what they're currently involved with and ask them a few questions about their work, advice for aspiring comic creators and what inspires them.

In addition, I ended up with SO MANY names, I'll even put up a bonus post or two directing you to more female comic makers than I could fit in February.

I'm really excited about this, and I hope you are too! To make sure you don't miss my posts, the best thing to do is either subscribe (over on the right) or follow me on Twitter @rachelsstorm!

Check out the Women in Horror Month website, because they have info on all the events, screenings, meetups, podcasts, articles and *ahem*... blog series... that are being done in honor of the month-long event

If you want to find out more about what Women in Horror Month is all about, why it's a big deal, how you can get involved, what you can do to help, boy do I have you covered. As always,  I have some info-filled link-sealed goodies for you below.

Check back on Monday, February 4th for my first feature and why what she does should be your new favorite werewolf comic!

Women in Horror Month info as (PDF)
WiHM info/FAQ as (DOC)
WiHM info/FAQ as (RTF)

Women in Horror Month website
Viscera Organization and Film Festival website
WiHM on Facebook
WiHM Tumblr

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