Tuesday, February 19, 2013


While I'm definitely no expert, I've been known to enjoy the metal genre from time to time. Most of it has been under the influence of a good friend of mine, who used to sing in a metal band in Colorado, but I also found myself unable to resist the epicness of bands like MASTODON. Mmmm, Mastodon. 

Anyway! I just found out about this amazing blog called METALCAKES. The lady behind this blog, Kathy Bejma, makes metal themed cupcakes for bands, inspired by one of their songs. Not only is that bad-ass in and of itself, these cupcakes look and sound INCREDIBLE. And Kathy is from the Chicago area, so... brainstorm, Kuma's Corner + Metalcakes = All your metal-themed food in one place? Is there any other dessert worthy of following up one of Kuma's brutal burgers? Am I just lazy and want to partake of these cupcakes without having to make them myself?*

Metalcakes on Facebook
Metalcakes on Twitter
Heavy Metal is the Gateway to Baking via DarkMedia.com


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