Thursday, January 17, 2013

S-VHS Trailer

About a week ago I posted my own review of of V/H/S, and now we've got a trailer for the sequel-- S-VHS. Same premise, new round of filmmakers. According to Entertainment Weekly, Simon Barrett (You're Next) will do the wraparound, while the videos will come from people like Eduardo Sanchez and Gregg Hale (Blair Witch Project), Jason Eisener (Hobo With A Shotgun), Gareth Huw Evans (The Raid: Redemption), and Adam Wingard (You're Next).

Click the image below for the trailer:

There were a couple of moments during the trailer that I found intriguing, although the introductory segment seems a -little- hokey. Frankly, the screaming red letters on the video telling you to watch it was a bit much for me. It might as well say "TRAP."

All this hub-bub over creepy VHS tapes reminds me of a video that a friend and I were both given by this weird guy we had met at a horror convention. We had seen him at one convention in another state, talked to him a little bit and then mentioned one we were going to in the Chicago area. Well, he turned up and was hanging around us again... with his video camera. He ended up giving us copies of some home-brewed horror movie show, but neither I nor my friend ever could bring ourselves to watch it. I sadly still have it, but still find it all too creepy to pop it in and see what's really on it.

So if I ever stop posting here, it's probably because I finally watched that tape and was ax-murdered. Just a head's up.

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