Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter! It's a Thing!

On Easter, I personally just go where I'm told and eat whatever animal carcass placed in front of me. But the most effective way to renew my interest in a holiday is to make is creepy as hell. Thanks to for making my Easter nightmares come true:

God, that's terrifying. The best part of their article is the captions, so check it out for your holiday larf!


  1. Haaaa! I saw this too. Isn't it great? Some of the bunnies are SOOOOOO creepy! There was a pretty cute bunny on Fallon on Thursday night, but every time they showed him he'd be standing somewhere weird and SLOOOOOWLY raise his hand into a wave. It was hilarious. My favorite was a clip where they slowed him sleeping in a glass box, ala Tilda Swinton. Sowknsidjakjcksjfi Appropriate, since the Tilda Swinton story was like my favorite news story in months!

    1. I have no clue what Tilda Swinton story you mean, haha. I live in a cave...