Friday, March 8, 2013

Boing Boing interviews Faith Erin Hicks

I may have hit on a sustainable theme through my Women in Horror Comics blog series, at least as long as I keep stumbling upon interesting information about the female comic creators I discovered during that process.

Last month Boing Boing interviewed Faith Erin Hicks for their new podcast, "Tell Me Something I Don't Know," in which they talk to a variety of creative people about their work and how they manage the business side of it. Faith has done quite a bit of comic work, including THE LAST OF US, DEMONOLOGY 101, and THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERHERO GIRL.

I had initially come upon her name because of a graphic novel she did in 2007 called ZOMBIES CALLING. The book isn't hardcore horror, it's a humorous take on zombies more along the lines of the zombie-comedy films of the past several years. But a zombie is a zombie is a zombie, and that's horror enough for me.

Aspiring comic creators would do well to listen to this, Faith talks a lot about how she got into comics, what her work schedule is like, storytelling in comics and her experience in the animation field.

Faith Erin Hicks on Tell Me Something I Don't Know via Boing Boing
Faith Erin Hicks Website | Tumblr | Twitter
The Adventures of Superhero Girl
Friends With Boys

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