Monday, October 7, 2013

Something Really Scary

Forget zombie apocalypses, haunted houses and slashers. You know what's really scary? Car salesmen.

Life got derailed again thanks to some serious problems with my mode of transportation. But I've got something newer now, and fingers crossed, I'm hoping it will last me longer than the previous car.

 But goddamn if car buying isn't one of the most awful experiences in one's life. Maybe not if you have a lot of money, time, and patience for bullshit. I sure didn't, and usually don't.

 On the other hand, I'm feeling inspired towards some car-related horror to help purge my system.

 In other news, Happy October! It's the one time of year where everybody else catches up and makes my weirdness a little less weird. I kind of adore Fall weather too, even though it's felt more like June than October lately. But I sense more hoodie-weather approaching.

 I'll finally be getting back to some new content this week, so here's to pumpkin-flavored everything, making the world more spooky and getting life back on track.

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